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Nighties – The Ultimate Comfort of Indian Women

After Saree, which is the national attire of Indian women, Nighties are the most popular clothing amongst the women clan of India. Nighties are perfect for the Indian climate and it also represents the Indian Lifestyle.

One of the most interesting facts about “nighty” is, the British were inspired by the fascinating and comfortable design of nighty. They created the “nightgown” which is like the twin sister of nighty. If you look at the famous paintings of Europe from the late 1800s you can see that most female characters were painted wearing their nightgown. Because it gave them the freedom and comfort to sit in a position for a long time.

Nighty is unarguably the most comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to carry dress. From young girls to mothers, every Indian woman has a craze of wearing nighties.

The History of Nighties

The word “nightgown” was first coined by the French linguist John Palsgrave in his textbook in 1530. It was an in-house dress for women before it became popular.

The modern nighty has got its inspiration from night-shirts of men and night-chemises of women from the early 16th century. These were the underwear which was mostly ankle-length, shapeless, and with varying collars. These were mostly white and made from linen. That’s why they were absorbent and easy to wash.

Even in the 19th century, the nightgown or nighty was an informal dress which was a version of the modern dressing gowns. This was the dress which the British adopted from India and named it “nightgown” in the early 1700s for its casual nature.

From 1840 to 1900, the 1st revolution of nightgowns was seen. Variations in collars, sleeves, and necklines were introduced. The popularity of nighties gradually grew in 1920 and by 1960, nighty was famous in all the parts across the world.

Types of Nighties

Nighty has been one of the best choices of Indian women when it comes to comfortable clothing. From regular wear nighty to nighty for special moments, it has become an important part of life now. Since the late 1900’s the revolution of nighty has inspired designers all over the world to create new styles and variations of nighty. There are more than 30 variations of nighty nowadays. So many options, right? Let’s break down some of the styles below:

Regular Wear Nighty

This type of nighty is long and fully covered. These are the most common and comfortable ones. These sometimes come with a front zip for extra comfort. They come fully, with half or sleeveless designs. They are available in a variety of colors, vibrant prints, and cotton or synthetic fabrics.

Regular women nighties

Hosiery Nighty

Though hosiery isn’t much in fashion immediately, you’ll still choose it if you would like to remain far away from the style crowds. This type of nighty is very soft, comfortable and helps to keep you warm during cold nights. They are mostly available with a robe that can be closed with a belt. These are also available in bright colors and beautiful prints. So, choose the one that suits your body and taste.

Hosiery women nighties

Blouse Styled Nighty

This is also long nightwear that provides all the comfort and warmth you’ll need during the cold winter months. Available with adjustable belts. This gives extra support to the body.

Spun women nighties

Cotton Nighty

Cotton is a natural fabric and is best for the summer season as it is soft, airy, and suits the body temperature. Another best thing about the cotton nighty is that they are loose and freestyle. When you wear this type of nighty, you don’t feel any burden of wearing clothes and feel very comfortable. This comes with various styles and patterns.

Cotton women nighties

Maternity Nighty

Motherhood is one of the most special times for every woman in the world. But during pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through several changes and mood swings. It’s because of the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and post-delivery. So, you ought to feel comfortable all the time to fight the changes within the body. A long shirt made of comfortable hosiery or cotton cloth is the best for pregnant women. It comes with adjustable belts. This gives extra support to the body.

Maternity women nighties

Three Quarter Sleeve Nighty

This style in women’s nightwear is rarely found. But the three-quarter sleeves are an aesthetic and stylish design that appears just stylish on any girl. The lace border along the sleeves, neck, and bottom imparts a classy look to the nightwear. These are available in soothing pastel colors like peach, pink, and lavender.

Three quarter women nighties

Two-Piece Bridal Nighty

This two-piece nighty is all you want to have a romantic night. The silky and smooth fabric provides you with a lovely feeling and makes you ready for your special moment. You can also stock it for your honeymoon trip for an unforgettable experience. The two-piece nighty comprises a backless striped slip knee length short or until thighs and a robed king to cover the entire body.

Two piece bridal women nighties

How to pick the right nighties that suit you the best

Nighties are famous for their unmatched comfort. Plus it costs way less than the fancy pajamas. So amongst the wide variation of nighties, you can choose your best fit from online or offline shopping.

There are so many famous sites that sell nighties for a wide range of varieties. You can select your favorite color, design, pattern, and most importantly your desired size. It is very simple and convenient. Also, you can buy nighties offline from malls or shops. In this case, before purchasing it’s best if you give it a trial so that you pick the best fit.

Final Thoughts

Well, our life is already difficult from the daily struggle of life, but our wardrobes don’t have to go through the same. Comfort must be the top priority while choosing the clothes to wear. Refresh your wardrobe with the various range of nighties that are available in the online or offline platforms of shopping. After a long day of hard work, change yourself to your favorite nighty which will give you the “hug of comfort”. Also, you can spice up your special nights with the best selection of seductive yet elegant nighties. Give yourself or your loved ones the best gift of comfort.

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